Published September 13, 2017 by ravenstorm2014


Love Yourself

Published July 12, 2017 by ravenstorm2014

Ladies, l want to encourage you to love your body. And l don’t mean “accept” it, l mean LOVE it!
Many of us have suffered from sexual abuse. Many of us fear others just touching us, but we deserve to love the skin we’re in. 
So pamper yourself. Take a long bath, go hiking, put on some of your favorite lotion. Eat healthy foods and give yourself a treat when the day is done. 
And feel free to hug yourself and more. That body of your’s deserves to feel good with no guilt, shame or pain involved. 
It’s about time we love ourselves.

Makes me feel special 

Published April 12, 2017 by ravenstorm2014

I recently came across a designer by the name of Margo Manhattan. She has some of the most amazing artistic edgy sexy rock ‘n’ roll jewelry I have ever seen. Her pieces look like a masterful piece of art. This is one of them that I bought for myself to empower myself to feel special and that I can take on the world. I highly recommend for you to check her out on or at her website Margo I promise you her jewelry will make you feel not only special but empowered 

Be Free 

Published March 22, 2017 by ravenstorm2014

PROPHETIC WORD FOR TODAY: Don’t let old memories from your past take you down a road that God has delivered you from. Be greater! Be FREE, that’s your truth! When you sense the ‘muscle memory’ of the event or circumstance, breathe in new life. REMEMBER who you are now. All of heaven is cheering you on. You’re not a victim! YOU are more than an overcomer! #StayBrave