Published January 28, 2018 by ravenstorm2014

Hello everyone I know it’s been a while since I have been on but there’s been so much happening lately that I thought I would share on here. Most of you know that I do domestic violence counseling and most of you know that I also have another business where I am a fashion consultant for Lularoe clothing line. As well as an author, and an Energy Healer. So I guess you could say my plate is quite full LOL. But I wanted to let you guys know that I am in the process of working on something that I think is going to answer a lot of questions for a lot of women. People been asking me for over a year now will be a sequel to loving the addict and after long consideration the answer is YES . There will be a sequel to loving the addict. At the moment I have been working on the storyline . However for those that read the book know that this part of the chapter is very painful one, very raw, and very heartfelt. With that said I am hoping to have a rough draft finished by summer time. I am quite excited and I look forward to sharing with you all as I go down this journey. So stay tuned for more to come.

Love and light

Raven ❤️


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