Something For You

Published September 27, 2017 by ravenstorm2014

Here’s my step by step guide for becoming extremely beautiful: 
1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Celebrate your uniqueness. You are magic, baby, don’t let the world tell you any different. 
2. Remember that sexy is an attitude, not a size. 
3. Fall in love with yourself. Look at your darkness and appreciate the balance it brings. Allow yourself to truly recognize your magic and stop creating an image of yourself based on what you can’t do. Whatever you have to offer, however big or small, is just what the world needs…focus on that! 
4. Find the courage to walk in what you really are. Be real. Refuse to trade your authenticity for the approval of others. 
5. No-one else should be dictating how you see yourself. Beauty is yours to define. Take back your beauty and own it. 
You are beautiful!


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