Emotionally Abusive Relationships 

Published July 1, 2016 by ravenstorm2014

In emotionally abusive relationships, survivors often learn to repress their “negative” emotions in order to keep the peace. This is especially true with anger and jealousy, which narcissists intentionally provoke in their target to manufacture insecurity. In the healing process, you may experience intense waves of these emotions, and it’s important to allow them to be there. There’s no need to act on them, as this will only play into the narcissist’s game. However, with mindfulness and meditation, we can watch these intense emotions with kindness and simply allow them to be there. Anger and jealousy are not symptoms of being “crazy” – they are intelligent emotions that tell us our needs are not being met. Once we hear their message, it is much easier to find self-acceptance and move on from the experience.


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