The “Idea”of perfect 

Published March 15, 2016 by ravenstorm2014

Psychopaths and narcissists are obsessed with the idea of “perfect”. In the beginning of the relationship, they’ll constantly declare you perfect and flawless. With time, they can expect these compliments to be reciprocated. But you’ll soon come to discover that perfection leads to nothing but misery. Any time you’re upset, anxious, or hurt, you start to realize you’re never allowed to mention it, because it threatens the “perfect” relationship. Even when they cheat or lie or withhold affection, they will demand perfection from you. 
When it’s all over, you may long for that “perfect” relationship (from the beginning), and even try to recreate it with another partner. But the truth is, normal relationships have challenges and misunderstandings. In healthy relationships, you’re allowed (and encouraged) to bring these things up. You can communicate, listen, and grow together. Your feelings or concerns should not threaten the very foundation of your entire relationship. The pursuit of perfection can only lead to unhappiness, and chronic feelings of never being good enough.


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