Until You React 

Published February 25, 2016 by ravenstorm2014

Psychopaths will keep provoking their victims until they finally react. You might think you can absorb it all, remain easy-going, and avoid drama. But they’ll keep pushing your buttons until they finally find something that upsets you. Whether it be the silent treatment, subtle criticisms, or triangulation (all of which are perfectly valid to be upset about), they’ll find it and then repeat it over and over again, until you finally snap. It’s weird, because at first, you think your easy-going flexible nature is the reason they like you. They originally told you you’re so much better than they crazy dramatic ex, boss, or friend. But then YOU start to feel like the crazy dramatic one. The point is, they don’t actually want an easy-going person. They just like to target and destroy easy-going people, that way you eventually come to doubt everything about yourself.
Going along with this, they’ll eventually dismiss your reactions as over-sensitive or annoying. But at first, they might play dumb and pretend to care, saying “Are you upset with me?”. And then you’ll share your feelings, thinking you figured it all out, only to see them do the exact same hurtful thing again in two days. You didn’t work anything out with them, you just confirmed that their strategy of upsetting you worked.


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