Message Of Bravery 

Published January 20, 2016 by ravenstorm2014

There are now numerous national and international articles about Darrian’s courageous story and song that she posted to the NCADV Facebook wall. She is “trending.” 

Some of the many media outlets and people paying attention to Darrian’s message and bravery are Inside Edition, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Irish Examiner, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph UK, India Today, The Mirror, The Sun and the many individuals who have supported her and her voice through their comments to the stories and her Facebook post.  
This trending demonstrates the power that one voice can have — Once again a courageous survivor has spoken up and removed the cloak of secrecy from domestic violence. We support her and other survivors as they move to regain their voices. It can be very empowering.


Too often in our culture, violence against women is not understood. These brave victims and survivors are bringing a new level of awareness – using technology and social media to help us understand their lives and share their experiences. We also hope (and encourage) that every survivor speaking out has done a careful and thoughtful assessment of their current situation, especially their own safety.


NCADV is committed to helping empower victims and survivors. In fact, one of the many programs that NCADV provides is our CRS (Cosmetic Reconstructive Support) program ( NCADV is certain that together, we can continue to support victims and survivors and create a culture with zero tolerance for domestic violence.


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